• Our values

    We create buildings with high specifications from design, up to the completion of the construction. 

    Strarting with geological-geotechnical soil survey for each building, we make the right foundations, we give special attention for the construction of the building and we create comfortable and functional spaces. Our buildings are unique, with designs and finishes based on exceptionally high quality standards.

    We were established in 2002 recognizing the need for the erection of quality buildings in the Cyprus Market. Coopering with an excellent team of professional architects, civil - mechanical- electiral engineers with more than 20 years experience in local and foreign markets, we adopt principles and methods that differentiate us from other development companies.

    In the center of our works you can see our respect for our customers and our continuous effort to achieve the best possible for them.

    Address: Dionisou 2, 2060 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

    Telephone: +35722456356

    Mobile: +35799620087

    Fax: +35722456369

    Email: info@vestafoss.com